My final few days in Spain.

I have been offered a job in Cambridge and will need to be back in London by the 15th August for training, so looks like my 10-month long stint in Salamanca is about to come to an end šŸ˜¦ I am very sad, but I will have some great memories. I only get 2 hours of internet access a day which makes blog writing fraught (with worry you are about to get cut off) and rushed (meaning I make errors, which I hate) so this is a quick one to say I am still here, and haven’t disappeared again.

Here is a small collection of photos from my time here in Spain:

El Puente Romano al atardecer - The Roman Bridge at sunset.

Las viejas costumbres no mueren, corrida de toros en Ciudad Rodrigo - Bullfight in Ciudad Rodrigo, old habits dies hard.


Los victores - Victories


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