Dale, dale, dale! No pierdas el tino!!

I am still only halfway through my write-up of the San Blas, have still to write anything on Nicaragua or Costa Rica, and now I am getting behind on Mexico too! I have however, been keeping an extensive handwritten diary of everything, and I hope that when I am working in Venezuela I will have more down time, unless I am too busy studying Spanish/cleaning out cages of course….!

I wanted to make a special entry however, on my friend I have made out here…

So yesterday, we had a really lovely little guide called Adriana, who showed us around the fascinating Olmec heads in La Venta park as well as the rather ugly dump of a town that is Villahermosa (Villafeo more like…) She is a freelancing tour guide who is just starting out in the business, she can only been 24-26, and although rough around the edges, she will make a great guide one day and I wish her all the success in life.

At one point during that day, I got over excited when a man crossed the road in front of us carrying a huge, 5ft piñata of Woody from Toy Story across the road in front of our car, it looks more ridiculous when you take into account that out here, most men barely scrape that height….

She must have spoken about me and that event to her mother when she went home that afternoon, as when she returned to take us to the airport for our flight to Merida, she was carrying a small black bag. Out of which she drew…

Sally Piñata!!

She even looks like me!

She told us how her mum had gone out when she heard her story of me and the giant piñata, and bought her for me! I did wonder when she met me later on that day, of she had thought I was a small child to be getting so excited at the sight of a piñata…but there you go!

Such as show of generosity! You would never get something like that happening in England. In a country where their average wage is probably less than I am spending on this trip, it makes me feel very humble that a little Mexican mother, would spend time and money on me. She didn’t have to do it, and she expected nothing in return, she did it out of the good of her own heart! Actions like that remind you of how lucky you are to be able to do something like this.

Now for your viewing pleasure, a few more shots of Pinata Sally going about her daily business…

Sally in her hotel room, relaxing on her kingsized...

Just chillin'

...and when the day is done, Sally runs herself a nice hot bubblebath...

Dulces Sueños!


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