Meixco take one

My second day in Playa del Carmen was an unbelievable experience. Our guide, Matt, hailing originally from exotic Norwich, took us on a tour of the eco sites in the area between Tulum and Xel-Ha, which had once been the luxury retreat of the Mexican Drug lords, who controlled the area during the 1970s and 80s. We drove by the house that had once belonged to Pablo Escobar, still surrounded in barbed wire, and CCTV cameras every 10ft; it looked so innocuous in such a beautiful and tranquil setting. The road (read dirt track), definitely sent our chiropracteur bills through the roof, which was only to be worsered by the speed boat to Belize the following day, which was certainly a bone shattering experience.

We crossed a bridge where the “agua dulce” of the mangroves meets with the salty Carribbean sea and saw trumpet fish, like swordfish in miniature swimming amongst the weeds.

We then spent the day on a deserted beach belonging to a friend of Matt’s where we cracked freshly falled coconuts and ate them straight. We played in the huge turquoise waves, losing our bikini bottoms and tops as standard. Accross the road we swam in a fresh water cenote, an ecosystem only found in Mexico, snorkelling around the weeds and mangrove roots.

That night we ate a freshly caught fish called ‘molla’ in Spanish, which was big enough to feed all 12 of us, along with freshly prepared ‘cerviche’ of conch and fish raw, cooked only in lemon juice – certainly a chewy experience.

That night we danced the night away in Playa in ‘The Blue Parrot’ and watched a breathtaking fire show, with svelt girls hula hooping with fire, I didn’t know if to look away or not as it seemed there was no way they couldn’t be burned.


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