El Yucatan

Currently in Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, it is very, very, very hot, and completely picture perfect; sherbert white, powdery sand and the most azure water you can imagine. I am not normally a big paddler, but the sea is so warm and clear, and devoid of carrier bags grabbing your ankle and making you jump out of the water screaming that you got stung by a jellyfish (or is that just me!?)

The plan tomorrow is to make it over to Cozumel, but if that doesn´t happen, I have a week here later on anyway. Having already visited the ruins of Tulum (and being actually quite disappointed) there isn´t much more to do but relax and recover from the jet lag.

The 11 hour flight went far faster than my 13 hours to Ecuador, probably thanks to the large amounts of Diazepam in my system, tranquilising me into a complete stupor – which was a relief. Then a brief dash through to terminal 2 at Mexico City´s vast airport, and I was on the plane to Cancun – I have heard bad things about Mexico City, but from the air, the lights looked breathtaking. A big thing for me to be able to say that, as normally I can´t look out the window of an airoplane without ending up screaming!

My first dayin Cancun involved a man flashing me his meat and two veg in a supermarket carpark, which was nice, a good welcome I feel.

Now I have met up with the tour group and we will be departing Playa del Carmen the day after tomorrow for Belize, and the tiny island of Caye Caulker. I cannot WAIT!


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