T-Minus Four Days

The last couple of months have rushed by, and I am feeling totally unprepared right now to leave the country for 4 months.

It’s weird, because if I had known in that moment on the 18th October 2009, when I was hurtling towards, and roughly colliding with the hard, mulch covered undergrowth of the Ecuadorian rainforest, that it would completely change the path I had planned for my life and that I would be laid up and miserable for over half a year, I think I would have just given up there and then. If you had said to me that I wouldn’t be off again for another 7 months, I probably would have laughed. From my hospital bed in Quito, I was telling people and indeed fully intended to return by December – May seemed a lifetime away.

What with operations, infections, months of physiotherapy, wheelchairs then crutches and finally overly-cautious village GPs, writing courses and money issues however, my departure date was pushed back further than I ever imagined. Back in October, I don’t think I could have coped with knowing I would still be here until May.

Tomorrow however, is May 1st, May day, which signals the month of my departure that I have been yearning for for so long.

And here I am wishing I had more time at home.

Tomorrow, I will pack up my backpack for the final time, leave my mum and dad (and kitty, of course) and head for London, in time for my second goodbye party with the same group of friends as before, almost 7 months exactly to the day.

Then that’s it. I leave at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning for Harwich, then on a ferry to the Hook of Holland. After 3 days in Amsterdam saying our goodbyes, Marcus will head back to the UK on the overnight ferry, whilst I will be flying out of Schipol International destined for Mexico (armed this time, with a large pack of Diazepam, aka Valium, so hopefully I won’t remember a single moment of the flight.)

Don’t get me wrong. Today I saw pictures on Facebook posted by a girl who is on the GAP Adventures tour through Mexico that I will be joining in Cancun and I was filled with envy that I wasn’t there already.

I am just an anxious person, who had an unfortunate experience last time who is doing this alone and who will miss her boyfriend and family dreadfully. I am also terrified of flying and not looking forward to the journey…It makes me feel guilty, but I feel I am not as excited as I should be! I can’t stand  this tense waiting and counting down, I just want to be there now because I know once I am there I will be fine, but this build up, instead of being really exciting like most people seem to find it, I just find incredibly stressful!

Enough of me moaning though! I promise to update this place as much as possible as I go, so you can read all about my escapades! My plan is very thorough, I know most people prefer to adopt the go where the wind takes me style of travelling, but I have my reasons to be so regimented. Number one is that my mum, since Ecuador, won’t let me do anything that isn’t pre-organised. Two, I agreed to it as I am too scared now and need to find my feet again.

The plan as it stands! –

4th-7th May ~ Amsterdam with Marcus.

8th May-21st June ~ GAP Adventures tour from Cancun to Panama, via all the countries inbetween.

21st-26th June ~ San Blas Islands, not booked flights yet though.

26th June-15th July ~ Mexico with mum and dad, doing the Aztec and Mayan ruins followed by a week relaxing on the Yucatan.

16 July-21st August ~ Volunteering in a zoo in Merida, Venezuela whilst also doing part-time Spanish.

22nd August-8th September ~ Travelling from Georgetown, Guyana, to hopefully Cayenne, French Guiana and then flying home from Paramaribo in Suriname (visas pending…)

Terrifying but also amazing!!!


2 responses to “T-Minus Four Days

  1. Dear Christina,

    All my Spanish lessons during 23 years have been with the purpose of going to Mexico. So I’m so jealous, and although I have been there once (working), I still want to go back – and I will!

    Have a safe trip, take care, and DON’T break a leg! I look forward to following your blog along the road.

    Love Solvejg

    • tinastravellingtales

      I only just saw this comment Solvejg! Thank you so much for your comment. La proxima vez que nos veamos, podremos hablar juntas en espanol, si?

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