My Top Ten…countries

These are the top ten places I most want to go to more than anywhere else, places which even the mention of their names make my eyes glaze over –

1. Panama – going in July 🙂

2. Suriname – probably going in August

3. Azerbaijan

4. Papua New Guinea

5. Guatemala – There in May!

6. Belize – Ditto May..

7. Guinea-Bissau

8. Congo – either one, but probably won’t manage them for a while… lol

9. Ethiopia

10. Turkmenistan

Close runners up are Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, (generally Central Asia Region), Honduras, Nicaragua (once again Central America in general, hence why I am going in May :)) and the Guyanas. I could go on, there are loads of countries that I would love to to go to like Indonesia, Malaysia, or the Pacific Islands, but those 10 make my heart race with excitement. Of them all, the only one I have been to already is Panama, and I absolutely adored it.

In general, you may notice, I am one for the more unusual destinations. Central Asia, The Guyanas, East Africa, places that people don’t normally go to, I am certainly NOT a Thailand person. I love the unexplored and think in this up and coming world, those places are getting rarer and harder to find, especially now that travel has become affordable for many and a GAP year or work sabbatical has almost become the norm.

The Western world is invading, complete with camera around its sunburnt neck, guidebook in hand, and condescending opinions a plenty.


4 responses to “My Top Ten…countries

  1. Adventurous choices!

  2. I can’t imagine myself ever travelling outside of Europe, but places like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan etc appeal to me!

    I love that last line you wrote! So, so true.

    • tinastravellingtales

      The Caucasus are practically part of Europe already, I suspect in 20 years or so, the EU will cover most of the former USSR fracture states like Armenia and Azerbaijan, so technically they will count as Europe in a few years anyway! The stans fascinate me, mainly because I was about 16 before I found out they existed. I still remember the shock of discovering all these countries, home to millions of people, that I had lived for 16 years completely oblivious to. Made me feel pretty bad.

      Haha, thanks 🙂

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