Time, the avenger!

I apologise for my lack of updates – a couple of times I started to write but couldn’t. The most depressing part of travelling is coming home, especially if it is premature. What’s more, I have been in and out of hospital with my leg as I acquired an infection – cellulitis, not the same a cellulite, thank god – which needed treating IV for a while too.

For the first few days I was home, I dwelled and was angry. Today, I still can’t face any travel journals, Paul Theroux books, or leafing through friend’s travel photos on Facebook. I am, however, over the inital disappointment and am trying to see this as a different type of important life experience, after all, it is a learning curve. It is strange not to be able to walk, it is like a portal to the future, when I am old and grey. It is interesting though, and I think I will come out of this a better person.

Life isn’t so bad on the travel front either. For a time my boyfriend and I were considering all sorts:  Texas, Mexico, Libya. In the end however, due to limited time on his part, we found a perfect 8 day deal on The Gambia. In fact, we found it about 3’o clock yesterday night, and booked it this morning! All very sudden, but Africa here I come!

As for Central America…and Ecuador. I have decided I cannot face Ecuador for a while at least. The accident has put me off, rather ridiculously as it wasn’t the country itself that was the problem. Nevertheless, I think it will be a few years until I return. Central America I am still looking to do in January after my return from Africa. As long as I can get some money from a job that doesn’t require legs… I still lost quite a lot of cash, even with my insurance.

All being well, the doctor thinks the cast will be off in just over 2 weeks, the infection had cleared up, and I am actually booked and committed to an amazing holiday. Things are looking up, I have no reason to complain – what happened was annoying, but in a way I am glad it happened,  it has been a difficult yet interesting experience that I have gained a lot from.

Thus, I plan to live by a favourite Pindar quote and life motto of mine: “the best of healers, is good cheer.” A good one I think 🙂


2 responses to “Time, the avenger!

  1. whooww…that’s the spirit, girl – keep healing and have a smashing holiday in Gambia. xxx

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