One month to go!

In one month’s time I will be in Quito – scary but incredibly exciting stuff! Due to this, I am afraid, what with insurance, sorting out routes, making plans, booking flights, injections, and all the while working to earn enough to do it all, I have no time to write here! I wish I did, but maybe on my next day off on the 7th, watch this space!

I cannot WAIT to be there, I say ‘be there’ rather than ‘go,’ as I hate flying and am in fact TERRIFIED. My boyfriend likens me on a plane, to someone in a horror film about to die, and he is probably right. I scream and gasp, I grip my seat, I look wildly out of the window asking “what was that noise!?”, “why are we going so fast!?” and, if there is turbulance, “are we going to die!?” I am already dreading the flight especially as I am going it alone… One of the worst things about loving travelling for me (and lets face it, apart from money, there aren’t many!), is that 9 times out of 10, to get to anywhere exotic or interesting in less than 24 hours the only way to go is by air. Weirdly I haven’t always been like this and I remember flying home from the South of France solo at 17, reading Harry Potter without a care in the world. For some reason, I have developed a real phobia, which I think was set off by a “near death experience” on a flight home from Budapest.

After my Transdniestran experience, I am looking to go to more unusual, self declared independant “countries” and I am absolutely dying to go to the San Blas Islands in Panama whilst I am there. However. This involves having to fly in a tiny 10 person plane…the ones that are like a BILLION times* more likely to crash. Looking at the flights I KNOW I am going to end up going, but I also know that means 2 more flights where I make everyone else on the plane also believe we are about to burn and die in a horrific accident.


If anyone has any suggestions about phobias of flying, please do let me know. A woman on a plane last year gave me a tablet her doctor had given her as she used to be the same as me. It was probably less out of the goodness of her own heart and more to do with the fact I was hyperventilating at this point and probably making her panic. Anyway, I might be able to get my parents to purchase these pills in Spain when they go and send me some back…possibly my only option now!

Righto, I will definitely update properly in the next week (if I write that it is legally binding) and then Ecuador!!

*Possibly an exaggeration.


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