Hello world!

Hello world, and welcome to TinasTravellingTales (cunningly shorten-able to TTT), the ramblings and musing of my adventures around this little planet we like to call Earth.

Having just returned from a 6 week long dabble in Eastern Europe’s delights, fresh from university with a decidedly unvocational BA in Classical Studies, I found myself abruptly on the precipice of the rest of my life. For the first time there was no plan, no more educational institutions to fall back on and whether I liked it or not, now was the time to become an adult.

Now, I had toyed with the idea of travel journalism ever since I picked up my first copy of a Lonely Planet guide 2-3 years back, when I thought, “hey, go to the furthest corners of the earth, see some of the most awe-inspiring sights this planet has to offer, maybe drink a couple of mojitos, then come home and tell people about it?! I could do that!” Journalism was, therefore, always seeded at the back of my mind as a potential career path, and throughout my university career, it would be my set answer to the ubiquitous question, “Classics? I see, and what are you going to do with that?!” (“well you see, you can do anything with Classics, did you know the head of MI5 did Classics…” then trailing off at the glazed look on their faces “…but I am thinking of becoming a journalist!”) At the end of my 3rd year, graduation looming, I took the chance to escape around the backwaters of Europe to get my head straight, and hopefully return with my whole life plan in order. This didn’t happen as such, however, bourne on the advice of a 6ft4 bald Canadian accountant from Vancouver whom I met in mountains of Transylvania (you just can’t make this stuff up!) who had advised that me the way into journalism is through the internet, I decided a blog was the best way to accomplishing my dream of becoming a journalist, and a good way to share my experiences with others.

It is my hope that TTT will become, with a little help from lady luck, a blog for all you out there who are tired of the beaten track, the package holidays and beach resorts, who yearns to see the real world out there. This is the place for intrepid travellers, not satisfied with two a penny blogs about full moon parties, or getting plastered in Prague who would prefer tales of a jaunty in the jungles of Panama, or peeking at communism in action in Transdniestr.


6 responses to “Hello world!

  1. It’s nice that Mr WordPress loves you, but I love you in a more personal way.

    I’m excited to read this. I’ve got the travelling bug now. You’re not going to help, are you?

    • tinastravellingtales

      Kate!! Hello 😀 and I love you too, however, in a more physical way…

      You know how I really encouraged you to get into QI…and how that turned out mwahahaha! This time next year you’ll be in Vanuatu 😛

  2. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog via LJ/eurotravel, and I must say I have loved to read this. Makes me want to go there as well. There’s something exciting about such countries. 🙂

  3. Tina, I saw your profile from Travel partner. I wanting to go to ecuador to learn how to paraglide and possible volunteer work. Was intrested in knowing if you ever consider a travel partner. I currently live in Nashville, TN. Am 21 yrs old and taking a semester off from school to begin my travel adventures

    • tinastravellingtales

      Hey Blake, thanks for the comment. If I return to Ecuador, which I am sure I will, it probably won’t be for a while I’m afraid. I have been put off slightly by my accident, which is silly I know, but I don’t really fancy it quite yet. Do keep me posted on any other travel plans though as I am always up for travel partners, it makes things so much cheaper and safer (an more fun!)


      PS Check out i-to-i for volunteering in Ecuador, they were fantastic to me, offered loads of different volunteer options, and really looked after me when I was in and out of hospital.

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